I have extensive knowledge of treatment options throughout Ireland, UK, Europe. this advice is part of my assessment and preparation process.

The best way of moving forward is by getting professional help with an intervention to get support. It is a difficult time for all and this needs to be dealt with in order to move forward. I would like to share some information with you about how my Intervention process works. The time from an initial enquiry to treatment admission varies, but it can happen quite quickly.

The idea that the dependent person or person suffering with mental health issues must hit rock bottom before they seek help is wrong. It is an old and outdated perspective. Interventionists in the USA have been proving this theory wrong for many years. The fact is that a trained Interventionist can work with a family and collaborate with a person to accept help. Many addicts die before they receive help and those with mental health problems often continue in an unhappy state for many years. The fact is Interventions can bring about change before it is too late - life is too short to sit back and just do nothing. 

The person who is drinking/drugging/gambling/suffering with mental health challenges (etc) is suffering from such a powerful internal force (called addiction) and has lost control of their life. Therefore, they are not able and are unlikely to just stop. They need help. This process is based on love and does not in any way shame, blame or condemn them at any point in this process. The person does not need punishing. They need supporting and loving into treatment.

The Process

I am a trained and certified Interventionist with 29 years of personal recovery from addiction. Many years ago I personally spent time in an inpatient rehab, had mental health challenges and I have also worked with families in addiction/mental health struggles for over 15 years. An Intervention is when the person’s significant others (it could be family; friends or work colleagues) work with me in a coaching format and prepare to help the addicted/troubled person see their destructive behaviours and accept the treatment help that is on offer - this can be therapy, inpatient or outpatient support, therapeutic and psychiatric if needed. This is a once off intervention meeting. The family are coached, trained and prepared to read letters to the family member at a set time and location with a rehearsal conducted the day before (on day two we all then meet with the person suffering with addiction.

You will pay for the rehab/treatment directly (medical insurance accepted at many places) and I earn no commission from any clinic/doctor/service that I recommend (HSE funding/low cost options are also available). As part of my service I will advise you on your options. This process is a proven successful intervention model used for mental health struggles, addiction and dysfunctional behavioural issues. I am also a master’s level mediator/ counsellor.

I am very experienced in this process and will guide all of you the whole way - suggesting pro’s and con’s to local support.