Welcome to the website of Paul Egan, Organisation Consultant. I am one of the leading organisation review consultants in Ireland. In this field and I have a vast amount of experience.

I have 40 years experiences in the Bar/Restaurant, Grocery/Food trade where I developed an efficient business model from the setting up stage through establishing the business to the handing over stage. I graduated from Queens University Belfast with a MSSc (work place mediation and change management). I am certified mediator with the Mediators Institute of Ireland specialising in organisations review and change management.

My emphasis is on helping you to shape your own thinking, and on building your own capability to deal with the particular challenges that you face. 

All my work is informed by my distinctive perspective on the dynamics of organizational change and performance, this means that I participate in conversations around issues of current and emerging importance and stimulate action in relevant areas of our clients' business - such as organizational change, leadership development, and business performance.

Organisations can benefit from the external perspective a consultant can bring. I will assist organisations in adapting to changing circumstances by assessing the appropriateness of organisational structures and the capabilities of individual managers and staff. After careful analysis, I can make impartial recommendations and develop practical strategies for improvement.