Advantages be of having me on board

My approach to consulting is designed to achieve progress against clients' specific agendas and priorities. I develop tailored approaches, which aim to build self-sufficiency; foster collaborative relationships; and challenge conventional wisdom where appropriate, to stimulate creativity and remove barriers to progress. In particular, I set out to help managers to understand and engage with the hidden, messy and informal dynamics of everyday organisational life through which change and performance happens.

Although my approach rejects the use of 'take it or leave it' techniques and rigid methodologies, my hands-on experience makes us aware of the benefits that can arise from the appropriate use of structured approaches, frameworks, and techniques. I have therefore developed a number of proprietary frameworks and supporting materials that add uniqueness, richness and added value to my consultancy offering.

I can establish an energetic seamless work environment where the maximum will be achieved with the least effort. I promote working smarter primarily by emphasising preparation I believe that the result is indicative as to the time spent planning and preparing.