Addiction Programme

Everybody deserves the right to a healthy and stable existence. My recovery programme facilitates a person to re-assess the effects of their behaviour on the quality of their life and the life of others.

This programme comprises 9 one-hour weekly counselling sessions and thereafter, once a month for 14 months. The basis of this joint enquiry is founded on three key questions.

  1. Where are you now?
  2. Where do you want to be?
  3. What steps do you need to take in your life to get there?

Exploring these answers, clients are motivated towards self change and empowered to reach their full potential while working towards their own life aims and objectives. Throughout the interventions, relationships with family members may be explored and if required a family support programme can be implemented.

Would you like to cut down on your drinking?  Some tips

  • Keep a diary of your daily and weekly consumption
  • Set consumption targets and stick to them
  • Pick a date to change
  • Make a list of ‘Pros and Cons’ and review regularly
  • Consider telling family and friends
  • Try to drink no more than 3 standard drinks per day for males and 2 standard drinks per day for females. (A standard drink is a small glass of wine or a half pint of normal strength beer)
  • Have at least 2 or 3 non drinking days
  • Avoid fast drinking and binge drinking
  • Sip your drinks and drink more slowly
  • Have non-alcoholic drinks between drinks
  • Dilute your drinks with water
  • Have a ‘water-tight’ (sic!) explanation ready and prepare your script if people pressurise you to drink more
  • Avoid drinking in rounds
  • At functions keep alcoholic drink on your non-favoured hand and water, non-alcoholic drink on your favoured hand
  • Persist and avoid complacency
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