Sober Coach

The primary duty of a sober coach is to collaborate in creating a life of sobriety ensuring the recovering individual does not relapse. This service can be round the clock caring, be on-call, or to accompany the recovering addict during certain activities.

A companion acts as an advocate for the newly recovering person and provides new ways for the client to act in their own living environment.

An engagement with a sober companion usually lasts 30 days or longer. The time required to effect a meaningful change varies depending upon the client, co-occurring disorders, and life at home. Ethically, a companion’s presence in the client’s life will titrate down as the client’s ability to connect to newly defined healthy behaviors within family, and work issues without relapse is proven.

The sober companion’s duties vary from case to case, from simply ensuring the client remains abstinent, to establishing and ushering in a collaborative manner a specific plan of an enhanced mind, body and spirit wellness brought into their home and community.

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