Alcohol and Your Body

Safe Weekly consumption of alcohol for Men would be 17 units.  For Women would be 11 units.

1 unit would be:

  • A pub measure of spirits (35.5ml)
  • A small glass of wine (12.5% volume)
  • A half pint of normal beer
  • An alcopop (275ml bottle)

A bottle of wine contains about seven units.

Muscles and Bones:

Alcohol weakens your muscles, causes cramp, pain and tenderness.

Reproductive System:

Impotence and infertility. Women are at risk developing Brest cancer

Women during pregnancy babies can suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome.

Heavy Drinkers at Risk:

  • From red eyes and pinpoint pupils
  • Speech becomes slurred, hearing is affected
  • Irritation of the lining of the throat causes pain, vomiting and difficulty swallowing.
  • Risk throat cancer
  • Heart and Lung damage
  • Liver disease
  • Damage to the Pancreas…..’Pancreatitis
  • Damage to bone marrow
  • Reduces the ability to form white blood cells which help fight off infection
  • Damage to the lining of the stomach
  • High blood pressure
  • Alcohol affects the brain and Nervous System
  • Impairs judgment, memory and co-ordination, slows down thinking
  • Alcohol will induce extreme Mood Swings, emotional outbursts including aggression.
  • Can cause permanent brain Damage.
  • Withdrawal Symptoms.



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