Six Step Plan

  1. The introduction. This accounts setting, respect, teamwork and allows for collaboration and trust where the issues can be teased out and expectations named. This would begin with a one to one session with each of the parties prior to coming together in order to begin the mediation
  2. The story telling. This accounts for listening, recognition, empathy, communication thus respecting differences and validation.
  3. Framing/Re framing the issues. This will allow for honesty and integrity, where a statement can be put back to the person the issue can be processed and reframed in order to allow for a different perspective. ‘If you can see it you can fix it’
  4. Problem solving. This allows for recognition of each ones issue, a process where each party will understand the other parties’ issues.
  5. Where we collaborate in reaching agreement on all of the issues brought to mediation. This is where the parties with the help of the mediator create their own resolutions. A heads of agreement is then prepared by the mediator and each party signs off on this. They each receive a copy of their agreement.
  6. Periodic Assessment of Agreed Solution. I provide a call back service, where we visit the solution after a short period in order to re-assess the resolution.

I work in an open way with parties within clear parameters of an agreement to mediate. I can provide single or co mediation service where gender balance would be provided. As a mediator I mediate participants through their dispute with an understanding of each other’s position in a calm and respectful way. The outcome is a mutually acceptable solution reached in a voluntary and informed manner, not as a result of coercion or intimidation. When the mediation has concluded I will provide the parties with ‘A heads of Agreement’, a document signed off by the parties and myself as mediator. I also provide a ‘call back’ service to the parties (within a six week period) to revisit their agreement.

There are a number of reasons to choose mediation over litigation.

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