Would you like to stop drinking?

  • Go to an Addiction Counsellor for further help and assessment. Your family will also usually need to be involved in this process.   This will be an opportunity to discuss other personal issues as well.
  • Set a start date and tell your close family and friends.
  • Think about joining a self-help group. such as ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’, Life Ring and/or ‘Anew’ (for females only).
  • Work out and list the pros and cons of change yourself.
  • Decide what times and places put you most at risk and take steps to develop alternative interests and leisure pursuits.
  • Talk to someone who has gone through this before 
  • Ask your Doctor for more help and more details. The Doctor may prescribe medication to help you withdraw from alcohol or to reduce craving or to act as a deterrent.
  • Read literature. The Counsellor can advise on suitable reading.
  • Reward yourself for success. It is so important to treat yourself during this process.
  • Avoid complacency 



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